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Camp SHiEld is a division of After Military Service (AMS). AMS is a 501(c)3 organization that was founded in July of 2017.  The mission of AMS is to support the personal and professional success of Veterans and their families, after military service. AMS increases resiliency, life satisfaction and empowers our nation’s military families.

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Camp SHiEld has listened to the heart of Women Veterans, the concerns of men Veterans as it relates to their women counterparts, Veteran supporters, partner organizations, and donors for over 5 years. These conversations revealed a lack of resources created BY Women Veterans, FOR Women Veterans that address emotional, social, and physical wounds. These unseen wounds have contributed to a lower quality of life, emotional instability, and a lack of social engagement as seen in communities across the nation. Camp SHiEld is working to address these wounds and improve the lives of Women Veterans.

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